FMI’s Climate Bulletin Research Letters autumn issue provides 9 peer-reviewed short papers. Next issue will be published in spring 2020.

Short papers in the autumn issue:

  1. Thunderstorm observations in Finland – historical observations since 1887
  2. Thunderstorm observations in Finland – lightning location data 2002–2018
  3. Developing a model for forest fire risk forecast at sub-seasonal scale in Finland
  4. Simulating a 2014 wildfire in Lieksa (Finland) using the Canadian Prometheus fire growth simulation model
  5. 14 years of extended snow depth and snow water equivalent measurements in eastern parts of Finland
  6. A comparative analysis of climate change denialism in Europe
  7. Managing Development of a Novel Climate Service Application called the “DECM App”
  8. Co-design process used in the development of the “DECM App”
  9. The effect of atmospheric winds on recent temperature changes in Finland

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2019, FMI’s Climate Bulletin: Research Letters,  Volume 1, Issue 2: 1-14, DOI:

Journal: FMI’s Climate Bulletin: Research Letters
Published: December 19, 2019
Volume: 1
Issue: 2