Information for authors

FMI’s Climate Bulletin Research Letters is an open access journal for a wide readership published by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). Aim is to provide a platform for researchers to publish smaller pieces of work or results of project.

Research Letters issues are published in English once or twice a year.

All short papers have length of maximum 3 pages. Despite their brief nature, the short papers are peer-reviewed and each one gets a unique DOI for citing. The review process is straightforward and swift, providing an easy and convenient way to publish your work.

Approved manuscripts are published first online as a preprint to get promptly the DOI for citing. Later on, they will be published officially in the following issue.

Instructions in a nutshell

Short papers are approximately 2000–6000 characters in length, include 4–15 references and maximum 4 figures (photo, graph etc.).

After contacting us, you will receive a template for manuscripts that includes the ready-made structure and instructions on each section of the short paper.

Scope of the journal

We welcome short papers, including case studies covering for example following topics:

  • climate
  • climate services
  • climate change
  • extreme weather
  • marine themes
  • research projects

Contact us

If you are interested in publishing your work in the FMI’s Climate Bulletin Research Letters, please contact to get more information.