FMI’s Climate Bulletin Research Letters e-shape special issue provides 7 peer-reviewed short papers. Short papers in this issue:

  1. Seasonal preparedness pilot – sub-seasonal and seasonal prediction service for tyre companies
  2. Development of the weather and climate service “CRITERION” for the touristic sector in e-shape
  3. Urban resilience to extreme weather – sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasts for winter maintenance activities in Helsinki
  4. Harvester Seasons – a forestry service supporting climate smart operations
  5. Seasonal climate predictions for German cities to strengthen urban resilience to climate variability
  6. The Kemijoki Hydrological Forecast System – a service supporting hydropower production in Northern Finland
  7. Future climate projection of heat indices for Austrian major cities: strengthening urban resilience and meeting user needs

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Journal: FMI’s Climate Bulletin Research Letters
Published: Sep 2, 2022
Volume: 4
Issue: 1