ERA4CS projects (European Research Area for Climate Services) are in the focus of this Special Issue. ERA4CS projects aim to support the research and development of climate services in Europe. They are based on reliable climate information and cover variety of activities, such as building tools and developing methods to produce, transfer, communicate and use these novel climate services.

Short papers in this spring issue:

  1. Operational risks of sand and dust storms in aviation and solar energy: the DustClim approach
  2. User needs for extreme wind information in the forest, insurance and offshore energy sectors
  3. Sectoral-based indices for creating future climate services
  4. Urban climate services: climate impact projections and their uncertainties at city scale
  5. Climate services for drought and fire danger estimation on various time scales

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Header image: Pixabay

Journal: FMI’s Climate Bulletin: Research Letters
Published: May 25, 2020
Volume: 2
Issue: 1